The Real Support Group of the PMC Inc. is a Non Profit Corporation 


The Real Support Group of the PMC Inc. is a public charity organized to provide emotional, physical and financial support for the families of members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club when those members are unable to provide for the well being of their dependents due to legal proceedings or incarceration. To this end, the corporation shall adhere to the following goals;

Establish a fund to provide support to the distressed families of PMC members with legal/incarceration issues

Annually donate 5% of net proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

It is the intention of The Real Support Group of the PMC Inc. to dissolve, due
to lack of support. Inventory must be sold, and the sales money will be added to
the current support fund which will be distributed according to the rules
governing charitable assets as follows:

"A nonprofit corporation with responsibility for charitable assets acts as the trustee of those assets. Trustees are accountable for charitable assets and as
such are responsible for ensuring that funds and assets are protected and invested wisely. A trustee which allows charitable assets to be squandered,
diverted or otherwise dissipated may be individually liable for the loss of those assets regardless if the assets were administered through a corporation."
"The duties of the board of directors of a charitable nonprofit organization extend to all property committed to a charitable purpose. The Nonprofit Law
provides that property committed to charitable purposes shall not be diverted from the object to which it was donated, granted or devised, unless and until
the board of directors or other body obtains from the Court an order specifying the disposition of the property.”
"In Pennsylvania, the Orphans’ Court has jurisdiction over property committed to charitable purposes. The Nonprofit Law provides that charitable assets may not
be diverted from the purposes for which they were donated without obtaining an order from the Orphans’ Court specifying the disposition of the assets.
Property committed to charitable purposes may be deemed to be held in trust, which will govern the use of the assets and funds."
"Property committed to charitable purposes has special protection under the law. As soon as money or property is donated or committed to a charity, the Attorney
General acts on behalf of the public’s interest to ensure it is duly administered; including the assets held by nonprofit organizations formed for
charitable purposes. When a nonprofit organization is dissolved, the Orphans’ Court must review the dissolution and approve the distribution of the assets.
Whenever a nonprofit charitable organization enters into a transaction of fundamental corporate change which involves a transfer of ownership or control
of all or substantially all of its charitable assets, the Office of the Attorney General is obliged to review each transaction to ensure that the public interest
is fully protected. These transactions include sales, mergers, consolidations, dissolutions and other methods of disposition."
"The Attorney General must receive notice of any Orphans’ Court proceeding involving charitable assets. Under the Commonwealth Attorneys Act, the Attorney
General may intervene in any action involving charitable bequests or trusts."

With that said, and according to our stated purpose, the funds will go to families of incarcerated PMC members.
Households including children will have priority if the families needs are otherwise equal.
Any one wishing for their family to recieve benefits from the fund must contact us.
Once all the inventory is sold and funds are distributed the non-profit corporation will be dissolved.
Thank you for your support.



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  The Real Support Group of the PMC Inc is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization
In accordance with IRS rules of disclosure
Our documentation is available for public inspection.
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